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Felicia Twumasi is the founder and CEO of Homefoods founded in 1995.

Before turning into one those Africans filled a burning passion to impact lives especially women on the continent, Felicia as a little girl saw most of her friends dropped out of school after the death of their fathers.

The young spirited entrepreneur vowed to gain financial freedom in other to support young girls in Africa to live a better life and that includes her children saving them from the ordeal of illiteracy. 

In 1995, Felicia who was already a teacher quitted and Homefoods was born.

It started with one staff and her hardworking daughter.

Homefoods grew to provide opportunities for women–engaging and training women as trade partners of Homefoods. 

“My joy is seeing these women exhuming happiness in the form of confidence and dignity.”

By 2014, it wasn’t a surprise that Felicia Twumaci would become a success. She was one of finalists for Entrepreneur of West Africa 2014.

 Beyond that, Homefoods has provided financial support to children on the street through scholarship programs and has impacted thousands of women through cooperative schemes.

“Success is failure turned inside out! Failures as disruptors always have opportunities iif you have the entrepreneurial spirit.”

By Elijah Christopher 


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