Former Zambian President, Kenneth Kaunda, Suffers Chest Infection

Kenneth Kaunda also called KK is not just former Zambian president but one of the country’s founding fathers and the first president who ruled Zambia from 1964 to 1991. The 97-year-old now suffers chest infection which was at first diagnosed as a minor case but later turned into a serious one.

He was admitted to Maina Soko Medical Center last week amid Covid-19 surge in the country. As we report, he is breathing naturally without a ventilator. But the current situation reads he is in a serious condition but stable. The cause of the illness is yet to be specified.

African leaders including Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu and South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa urge people to pray for KK to make it through.

Kenneth Kaunda and Dr Martin Luther King Jr

KK is an African icon. He is one of the last surviving African heroes who struggled against colonialism in Africa in the aftermath of World War II.

While in power, KK made his country a center for anti-colonial groups fighting to end white minority rule in southern African countries including Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe aiding the guerilla organizations to maintain military bases, training camps, refugee centers and administrative offices.

By Elijah Christopher

Elijah Christopher

Elijah Christopher is a journalist at A New Touch Of Africa, is also a creative writer, a poet, and an IT enthusiast. He contributed to the collaborative poem written in celebration of Edwin Morgan Centenary, the first Glasgow poet laureate and Scottish national poet from the University of Glasgow. He loves meeting people and learning about new places, cultures, events, and lifestyles.

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