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The Felix King Foundation has set aside
  a new $1million fund to better the lives of rural African women.

This programme is the continuation of the ‘rural market Moni’ scheme but now rechristened “Better Life for Rural African Women”, in line with the present objective of ensuring that women, mostly, in rural communities have a platform to reset their lives.

According to the founder of the foundation, Dr. Felix King Eiremiokhae, “Rural communities are the most hit during this period with cases of malnutrition and malaria rising in numbers, and sources of income depilated.”

In 2019, the foundation launched goal 36, 000 by 2029. This initiative is a target to reach and impact thirty-six thousand women in 10 years and despite the effect of the pandemic, the foundation still believe in the goal.

He said, “Much has been achieved through the rural women market moni and WIFARM schemes, but with COVID-19 pandemic, the need to re-access the programme with a strategy that works with present reality made it possible to this modification,” he stated.



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