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DigiTruck, a solar-powered classroom on wheels by Huawei and Belgian NGO Close the Gap, rides to under-served communities in Uganda.

Their journey to bring digital skills to the doorstep of women, youth, and SME owners in rural areas never stopped in Tanzania.

With this initiative, tech classes are open anywhere.

In Uganda, DigiTruck plans to reach over 10,000 people (women, youth, SMEs) mainly in the rural areas in the course of three years for free.

It all happens in the truck

Conventional tech classrooms may be spacious, and equipped but reaching a large number of people may take longer time in expanding digital literacy.

DigiTruck, a converted shipping container is a mobile tech classroom designed to cover the gap—carrying everyone along.

The solar-powered truck has a built-in Wi-Fi system, VR headsets, and a workspace that can accommodate about 15 to 20 laptops.

Before Uganda, Close the Gap has been on the road: from Kenya, South Africa, DR Congo, to Tanzania. 

It was first launched in Kenya, in October 2019—successfully training about 2000 entrepreneurs, teachers, and young people in rural areas.

We hope to see not just tech classrooms on wheels in years to come but also on waters as the journey to expand digital literacy continues in closing the gap on the continent.

By Elijah Christopher 


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