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Clothes for canvas with unique artworks is what defines Fuata Mofo fashion. It is a fusion of art and fashion.

Follow the heART, is the artistic language the brand speaks. As a matter of fact, Fuata Moyo, a Swahili phrase literally means “to follow the heART”. Styles like that of Fuata Moyo have been a thing on the streets with actual paintings on clothes for awhile.

But there’s something unique about the Cape Town brand. Here are some of the brand’s amazing outfits. See for yourself:

Are you an artist reading from South Africa or planning to visit Cape Town before 26th March?

You may be able to catch up with heART IN SESSION for artists in South Africa.

Visit their site to grab a ticket. Drinks and food on the house: courtesy of Woodstock Gin and Chakula Yetu.

We hope that by bringing everyday people together with creative minds, that we can help bridge the gap between the art and the people who are to consume it – Fuata Moyo on heART IN SESSION 

By Elijah Christopher 


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