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A new immigration policy has been announced by the German government to tackle the migration challenges from Nigeria. 

Minister of State of German Federal Chancellery, Annette Widmann-Mauz made this disclosure in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital recently.

While speaking through an interpreter, Widmann-Mauz said, “We have to inform people before they leave their country of origin, in this case, Nigeria; to inform them about the legal regular pact of migration, especially over our Skills Migration Act.

“We want to make very clear conditions set by the new law and we will like to support them in fulfilling these criteria.

“We will like to give advice and inform, but more than that, we will also like to offer language courses and training.

“Therefore, we have centres of information and advice, which will enhance the qualification, especially for the labour market.

“We will only like to give information about the criteria for legal migration but at the same time make clear if they are some wrong expectations about migration to Germany.” she added.

According to her, the whole objective is to ensure people do not make mistakes in their quest for migration to Germany.

In a recent publication by Jessica Bither and Astrid Ziebarth titled ‘Migration Strategy Group on International Cooperation and Development, the author noted that “Relations with African countries have become more important for Germany, and its political engagement with them has noticeably increased. The issue of migration is not only the reason for this, but it has been one of the most important political drivers in recent years. Most likely, the African continent will remain a focal point for migration-related policy issues for Europe.

Geographic proximity, demographic changes, geographical upheavals, and the forces of climate change, conflict and war, as well as an increasing desire of many to migrate to Europe, mean that Germany has a key interest in deepening partnerships and cooperation with African countries in order to better manage migration between the two counties”.

Many are of the view that this would open up a hassle-free migration relationship with Africa with the teeming population, not Africans seeking for greener pastures in Europe.



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