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Google googled (researched) some of the historical sites in Nigeria as part of its Google Arts and Culture’s Heritage on the Edge project to discover the Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove

The historical site in Osun state—southwest of Nigeria—happens to be the very last remaining sacred groves in the country due to climate change.

Google picked the interest to partner with local community, the Adunni Olorisha Trust and CyArk to preserve the Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove digitally. According to Robin Campbell, a member of the Adunni Olorisha Trust, “It’ll require roughly ₦10–15 million ($14,300–21,500) per annum to keep this historical site running optimally.”

The project is now the first and largest digital library of content. Viewers can have access to over 900 high-resolution photographs of the site including contemporary artworks, sculptures, artists and spiritual leaders.

By Elijah Christopher


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