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When two or three fanatics gather in the name of football, the argument about “who is the G.O.A.T” or “who is the richest paid athlete” is there in their midst. Google search engine has always been the ref settling the fight with facts from reliable sources on the internet.

AI revolution is becoming a game-changer but at the same time poses a threat to tech giant—Google, whose recent chatbot, Bard, recently flopped causing the mother company (Alphabet) to lose over $100 billion of its market value in one day.

Bard, an experimental conversational AI, was developed by Google to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT which is gaining a lot of attention and growth due to its remarkable text-based large language model and accurate response performance.

Spotting a business partnership opportunity, Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT-like capabilities to its Bing and Edge search engines.

Microsoft is shooting for the stars without wasting time. Besides the Bing and Edge web versions, the company has built a mobile app available on App Store. As it is now, Google is paying Apple billions to remain the default search engine in Safari. Microsoft is also trying to play with a similar strategy to make Bing the default browser for all its users.

According to app intelligence firm, the Bing app has seen a 10x increase in new downloads globally.

By Elijah Christopher



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