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In this post we will be focusing on our favorite genre of music, and that’s Gospel Music, Africa Edition! We love Gospel music, because it proclaims the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and all the things that God the Father has made available to mankind through Him! Through Gospel music we also have the pleasure of expressing our love and gratitude to God! Stay tuned as we reveal some of our favorite artists @benitaokojie, @officialsamsong, and @joepraize_de_emperor.


BENITA OKOJI- @benitaokojie

We would like to introduce you to one of our fave Gospel artists, @benitaokojie@benitaokojie hails from the beautiful shores of Africa. In her song entitled Ayo, @benitaokojie gives hope for a better tomorrow. Click on the video to hear this beautiful song and be encouraged!


SAMSONG @officialsamsong

Our next artist is @officialsamsong! His uplifting song about the Goodness of God, is exactly what the doctor ordered to start your day off right. Click on the video to hear ‘Turn Me Around’ by @officialsamsong!


JOE PRAIZE @joepraize_de_emperor

The next artist we are featuring is @joepraize_de_emperor@joepraize_de_emperor is a Gospel artist based in Nigeria. Click on the video to hear his encouraging song Miracle Papa!



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