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Many Nigerians are really miffed by reports that The Minister for information,  Lai Mohammed is making underground moves to end the 2020 Big Brother Naija show that started almost a week ago under nebulous claims that   show could help promote the spread of COVID 19.

The report which was first carried a few days ago by The Cable, a popular online news platform revealed that the minister  has called on the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to end the Big Brother Naija show over fears that it might escalate cases of the coronavirus. According to The Cable, Mohammed’s directives was forwarded to the acting director-general of the NBC, Armstrong Idachaba, who on Wednesday, July 22, equally relayed the order to management members of the commission.

 MultiChoice Ltd, the producers of the reality had secured the approval of the Lagos state government having promised housemates and the organising crew will strictly obey all the safety protocols against COVID-19. Coronavirus. 

Commenting on the issue, Dabiakpo Benson, a Lagos based engineer  and  father of two undergraduates said, ” I have been wandering how disjointed any mind that says that a reality show like this can spread coronavirus in any way. For a week now my mind is calm that my two undergraduates are now seen a lot at home. Before now, I was always screaming  about COVID 19 and the need for them to go out only when it is needful. Now this Big brother show is doing the screaming and they are home most times. How on earth is that helping the spread of COVID 19?”.

In a chat, Ngozi Dayo, a mother of 4 feels, ” the issue is beyond COVID 19. Most probably there are some top players in the entertainment industry that are jealous of the success of this show and they might be using this minister. They don’t know the social upheaval they can create if they succeed in stopping this BBNija show a millions of secondary school and university student are occupied by this show. It is disheartening that governments in Nigeria will always pursue frivolities instead of focusing on things that are meaningful.”



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