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Alpha Conde

Guinea’s ruling party this week shocked many citizens with the confirmation that the country’s 82-year-old President, Alpha Conde will seek a third term in office. Months Before now, the speculation of this possibility had already sparked deadly mass protests. 

The news came after the president pushed through a constitutional reform in March that commentators feel was designed to allow him to run for office again in the October 18 election.

“President Alpha Conde will indeed be our candidate in the presidential election,” said the statement from the Rally of the Guinean People (RPG). Conde was elected president in 2010 and again in 2015.

 Guinea’s constitution allows the president to only serve two terms. But according to analysts, the new constitution could shift the goal post and create grounds for Conde to go for a third term

The opposition, according to AFP, has been championing the protest movement against the constitutional referendum to approve the changes in March Mass rallies have been held for nearly a year to oppose the possibility of Conde seeking a third mandate. Security forces in the former French colony have repeatedly cracked down on the protests, killing several dozen civilians.



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