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Somehow all around the world, no matter how we try to not waste food, there is still some level of food wastage.

Kenyan startup, InsectiPro, is using insects—as the startup name hints, to convert food waste into animal feed. They even have a fun name for the insects in their farm. They call them beauties.

According to the startup coming up with this sustainable solution, fly larvae eating food waste and turning them into animal feed is one of the innovative ways to respond to the growing population and the environmental pressure on the current food industry.


“As most people try to get rid of insects, we farm them on a large scale. With the help of insects we are dedicated to making changes within the food industry,” the startup says.

The amazing thing is that the Kenyan solution is gradually becoming a trend across the globe—which is definitely a good thing in drastically combating food waste.

Visionaries, entrepreneurs, startups, and food enthusiasts in Europe and North America are joining the movement too.

In Nairobi alone, about 1,900 tons of organic waste are discarded on daily basis. InsectiPro plans to turn this waste into healthy food for animals.

In a day, the startup uses the larvae of black soldier flies to break down over 30 tons of fruit scraps collected from breweries, juice brands, and local markets.

The larvae are thereafter dried and sold as animal feed.

Talash Huijbers, the founder of InsectiPro, believes the company has come to stay.

“We think InsectiPro is a company of the future, because we are where sustainability and profitability meet. And more importantly, we see the beauty within the beast. And I think you should too,” she says.

By Elijah Christopher 


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