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Seun Sangoleye aka Mom-In-Chief, in place of CEO, is a social entrepreneur committed to improving childhood nutrition and impacting women’s financial inclusion positively which puts her on our Africans Masterminding Africa 2023 list.

We are on the constant look-out for people changing the status quo on the continent regardless of the odds stacked against them in improving the economy and the lives of people. 

Seun Sangoleye is doing great in a very important industry—the food industry. Most especially when it has to the with baby foods. The Nigerian entrepreneur founded Baby Grubz using natural local ingredients to replace imported foods from other countries.

I had no background in cooking, but I always was a foodie. And I wanted my son and other children in my country to have access to our home-grown food that is so rich in flavours and nutrients – Seun Sangoleye

How She Started On Social Media 

Seun actually started by providing tips on nutrition on her social media before the eureka moment of the Baby Grubz food company as her nutrition contents built her an audience.

Although, the company is still very young but appears to remain relevant and now plans to expand to international markets.

“My brand uses rice, sweet potatoes, fish, beans and other local products – 100% of our ingredients are produced and processed in Nigeria. We want to increase our participation in the domestic market. We also would like to export to neighbouring countries as we have received many requests, notably from Togo,” the Baby Grubz Mom-In-Chief says in her conversation with Made by Africa.

Seun Sangoleye, Mom-In-Chief, Baby Grubz

Speaking of her challenges, “The logistics to transport the products throughout the country is very challenging. We also must deal with power shortages. To avoid interrupting production, we use diesel-powered generators, which increases our costs…Financial support is an issue, but those funding needs would be significantly lower if we had better infrastructure and fewer taxes,” she says.

Currently, the baby company produces about two tonnes of baby foods monthly but targets 20 tonnes by 2025. 

By Elijah Christopher



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