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Ilebaye Precious Odiniya, popularly known as “The GenZ Baddie,” made a lasting impression on viewers as she emerged victorious in the highly anticipated Big Brother Naija All Stars competition. 

The young star captivated audiences with her exceptional skills and captivating personality, leaving a mark on the hearts of Nigerians and beyond. 

Here are 8 unique things to know about The GenZ Baddie:

  1. Ilebaye hails from the Igala tribe, Kogi State. Her birthplace and upbringing occurred in Okpo, a region situated in the Olamaboro local government area of Kogi state
  2. She pursued her secondary education at the Federal Government Girls College in Kabba. Later, she enrolled at Salem University in Lokoja, where she pursued studies in criminology and security studies
  3. Ilebaye embarked on her acting journey during her youth, taking on roles in popular shows like Papa Ajasco and Nnena and Friends
  4. In 2021, she achieved victory in the Finest Girl Democracy Nigeria (FGDN) beauty pageant
  5. The GenZ Baddie is known for her unique fashion sense. With a vibrant and edgy style, she effortlessly stands out, resonating with the younger generation and setting trends left and right
  6. Ilebaye joined the seventh season of Big Brother Naija as the fourth contestant on July 23, 2022, and unfortunately, she faced eviction during the third week
  7. Ilebaye’s father, a politician based in Abuja, previously served as a Physical Health Education instructor at the Government Secondary School Alloma Ofu in Kogi State
  8. Ilebaye’s infectious energy and positive outlook on life have attracted collaborations with renowned brands. Her partnerships in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries have been immensely successful, further solidifying her status as a style icon and trendsetter

Even beyond the confines of the reality television show, Ilebaye continues to be an influential voice in the entertainment industry. 

By Elijah Christopher 



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