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From the journey of landing your first gig and receiving a successful international payment as a freelancer in Africa isn’t a day job.

I’m sure many Africans in various freelance spaces can relate to this story. It’s a challenge that cut across different platforms connecting freelancers and clients.

Native Teams—a work payments platform for freelancers currently present in over 40 countries has expanded its operations into Nigeria, housing the largest number of black people in the world.

According to Jack Thorogood, the CEO and founder of Native Teams:

“We created Native Teams to provide a way for employees and freelancers to work for the best companies in the world, but without having to relocate to have ‘proper’ employment. We are delighted to have raised our Seed round from the best regional funds that represent where we are from, as well as a wider range of investors who will aid our global expansion.”

In collaboration with PayDay and Geegpay among others, the tech payment company will be making payment process quite smooth for freelancers in Nigeria. This is coming after the company recently raised about €2m in a seed round for its expansion.

Jessica Uche—the Nigerian Business Development Manager for Native Teams, expatiated during the seed round:

“Invoice, payroll, EOR, holidays & team management are just some of the features Native Teams offers to freelancers…” 

By Elijah Christopher



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