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Ocean Sole sculptors in Nairobi, Kenya, are reducing plastic rubber waste in a creative style turning them into giraffe arts among other animals you can think of.

In a previous article we talked about how Kaltani is turning trash into cash in Lagos, Ocean Sole is quite doing the same using a different technology.

Over 1 billion flip-flops are produced annually, and they’re often not designed to last long. As in the case of Lagos, the waste end up in waterways and in landfills. This is bad for marine life as they rush the rubber waste assuming it’s their next meal.

This is no news in Kenya. There’s a lot of flip-flops littering the environment. Ocean Sole collectors and sculptors are doing a good work to keep the environment clean as well as making some money.

Here’s how: 👇🏾

By Elijah Christopher


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