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Yes, it’s Monday—I’m writing this on a Wednesday though—and Jane and Gary ain’t looking too serious going to work.

As a matter of what may be a fact in the future, is that all they do is go to work from Monday to Friday looking casual-chic-comfortable.

The boss doesn’t wear ties all day either. He comes in simple Ankara hybrid designers—shirts or just T-shirts. By hybrid, I mean African designs styled with the Western designs or something else.

Recently, I spoke to a girl who passionately hates suit. Technically, she doesn’t like a guy in it. I’ll call her Linda. Linda said:

“I don’t like suit. And the shoes they usually wear with it…”

She said a lot of things. Linda and thousands of Gen Zs and Gen Alphas who think like her are a fraction of the future. And when they grow to become designers as well as owning companies, how people dress might gradually begin to change with social influence and cultural or age shift.

To be honest, some people just want to look like these—see photos below—and still get the work done. And if they work remotely, they might just work comfortably in their own skin.

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By Elijah Christopher




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