Ignoring the call for democratic reforms: King of eSwatini appoints new Prime Minister

King Mswati III of eSwatini, formerly Swaziland renamed during the 50th anniversary of Swazi independence, appoints a new prime minister ignoring the call for democratic reforms in the country.

The liSwatis as the case may be now have been clamouring for the democratic right to elect their prime minister.

Last month, the demonstrations grew violent. And on Friday, they gathered to protest again. Police responded by firing tear gas and water cannons to disrupt the gathering — political parties, churches and unions.

According to activists some persons were wounded and 15 others were arrested.

Following the protest, King Mswati III who renamed the country from Swaziland to eSwatini announced Cleopas Dlamini who once headed eSwatini pension fund despite the people’s demand.

The new PM is replacing PM Ambrose Dlamini, who died last year December as a result of contracting Covid-19.

At the Ludzidzini Royal Palace on Friday, the king told the people how he has longed for the right person to revive the country’s economy.

He said:

“I have prayed that I have a man that would bring the country to normalcy, restore the country and resuscitate the economy.

“The man that I announce to the nation is Cleopas Dlamini,”.

It appears as if Ambrose and Cleopas are related because they share the same surname. The two aren’t brothers. “Dlamini” is a very common name in eSwatini.

eSwatini is the only African country still maintaining absolute monarchy. The king has condemned the protests as “satanic” and claimed it would only take the country backwards.

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