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Ordor would say he mistakenly took the path of entrepreneurship and rode on a fast lane to success.

The Nigerian tech entrepreneur offers luxury cars rental services in the UK. He is the Brian Chesky of luxury cars as we would like to call him.

Car rental is one of most valuable markets in the UK. In 2021, it was valued at about £15bn. What continue to boost this market according to Ibis World–a data company, can be traced to the rise of tourism among other factors.

Behind the success of every man, there’s what? A woman. Behind the success of Ordor, there is his mother.

Back in Nigeria, Ordor was greatly inspired by his mother. Even though entrepreneurship was almost like a mistake, there’s a part of Ordor that wanted to be on that path.

“I ended up in entrepreneurship almost mistakenly when I decided to host an event one night with just a few friends. I liked the idea that we’d be able to create so much profit in one night from doing something we loved,” Ordor said to Forbes magazine.

Somehow, fate got him where it wanted. And Starr Luxury Cars was born. He has been dealing with stars with different clients from the film industry and corporate professionals, newly wedded couples to families on holiday in the UK.

The company encourages the usage of eco-friendly cars such as Tesla, and other EVs. 

The Brian Chesky of luxury cars is now planning to expand Starr Luxury Cars services to Africa after gaining a strong market in Europe and America–LA, Miami, and Atlanta to name a few.

By Elijah Christopher



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