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Is fashion art?

Well, I guess we would have to find out later in this article. But can we also ask if technology is art? 🤔 

It’s amazing how I’m bringing two different subjects into art. But you see, tech and fashion are what we’re all about and be sure to find the coolest and creative stories here. And of course, factual.

So back to the second question: can we also ask if technology is art?

When it comes down to the inventions and ideas of Steve Jobs, it is art. He is the reason why we have a phone that is spelt wrongly but yet generally accepted. It is called the iPhone—with a small letter preceding a capital letter and the ‘i’ stands for ‘your’, ‘my’.

I mean this guy made his workers to sign on an inedible Apple—the computer, like a group of artists who painted a masterpiece on a canvas.

Steve Jobs


Signatures in the original Apple Macintosh

Isn’t that art enough?

So, is fashion art?

Like Jobs when it comes to tech, when I think of fashion and art in the same sentence, Jean-Michel Basquiat pops in my head. No he didn’t design the Armanis but my God he’s a fashionista and one of greatest American artists to handle the brush—on the same league with Picasso.

Basquiat made a wall painting wearing Armani suit

He started out doing graffiti alongside Al Diaz, his friend, on the streets of Manhattan with SAMO as a signature. And SAMO became a culture. You could find the sign on trains and everywhere.

In the 1980s, his actual paintings which had a mix of poetry were being exhibited in galleries and museums in different countries. I said he was a fashionista right? I should have said he was a model and a genius. Jean-Michel Basquiat was on runways too 🙂

So, is fashion art?

Looking at the life of Basquiat who died at 27, he was a fusion of both.


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By Elijah Christopher



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