Climate change: Somalia’s pastoral living affected

The effects of climate change affect the world at different levels and certainly not equally. In Somalia, recurring floods at the coastal region have greatly affected people negatively, displacing about 2.9 million. Back-to-back droughts have also plagued pastoral living, causing a huge threat for sustainable traditional living. Looking at the recent waves of locust infestations,

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How About The Things COVID-19 Revealed?

Last year wasn’t funny for both the rich and poor. And 2021 appears to be an extension with little achievements globally in curbing the Covid-19 surge. Has it been all bad for everybody? But buildings never stopped going up. Quite a number of business owners and investors in certain businesses like the social media, ecommerce,

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US-Africa Business Forum: Expanding business ties

A senior US official made public the current plans for the expansion of business ties between US companies and Africa which includes developing needed digital, health and physical infrastructure. Investment will commence as soon as Biden administration concludes the ongoing review of Trump administration trade measures as well as making clear policies on investments pertaining

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