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In a controversial series of events currently making waves across Nigeria, the #JusticeForDonDavis trend is at the epicenter of a story of abuse of children and a cry for an overhaul of the system entrusted with taking care of children.

Recently, a video surfaced on social media in which a boy (later identified as 11 year old Don Davis Archibong) was being asked a series of questions by an adult female (later identified as his mother, Madam Deborah Okezie). The exchange revealed an irksome account of ongoing abuse that the boy had been subjected to while in school.

Don Davis Archibong, a JSS 1 student of the Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, had been a victim of physical and sexual abuse for the better part of his stay in the school. A set of “Before and After” pictures of the boy, were released on social media, revealing a drastic change in his physical attributes.

The #JusticeForDonDavis started to really gain traction after a statement was issued by the school, assuring that the matter would be investigated. In a Facebook broadcast on Thursday, Deborah Okezie said she was assaulted when she visited the office of the state Commissioner for Education.

She revealed that she had been invited alongside Don Davis as part of the investigations set up by the Akwa Ibom state government over the issue of abuse but was however given a condition of deleting her previous videos from social media.

Madam Deborah Okezie, revealing that she felt threatened and in fear for the safety of herself and her children, said in a statement published on Thursday 24th December, that:

“Nigerians, I am not safe, if I am going now and they kill me, let people know what killed me. Don’t I have the right to freedom of speech?” “I had promised to keep Nigerians updated in all I am doing on Don Davis’ case.

Any time you don’t see me come here live to update you, just know that they have collected my phone from me. Just this afternoon, my two phones were collected from me.”This morning we got a call saying that we should come with Don Davis to the Commissioner for Education’s office, we told them the boy was not strong enough to come out but they said the parents of the said boys, who were involved in whatever happened to Don Davis, were there.

We told them Don Davis was taken to another hospital, they said we must bring him, but since we had to obey them because it was part of investigations as ordered by the governor, we pulled him out from the hospital.

“On getting to the commissioner’s office, Deeper Life School Board (members) were seated, the parents with their friends were seated and I was with my husband, Don Davis and my other children.”

Deborah Okezie posted avideo after the session she had with the Commissioner of Education for Akwa Ibom state, in her efforts to keep Nigerians apprised of the sequence of events. Watch the video below:

The #JusticeForDonDavis trend is the collective trend which seeks to call out the General Superintendent of The Deeper Christian Life Ministry, as well as other relevant stakeholders in the matter, to give a definitive statement and take action towards all available redress of such an outrageous incident.

Deborah Okezie also called on foreign bodies to come to her aid so she would not lose her life in her quest for justice. Nigerians all over social media have joined up in solidarity to seek justice for Deborah Okezie by trending the #JusticeForDonDavis hashtag on social media.

By Oluwamayowa Akinyemi

Oluwamayowa Akinyemi is a digital and web content developer with experience in web content development and management as well as research and writing. He is an avid reader of random subject matters and a sucker for movies and video games. He is also passionate about youth empowerment and is a global affairs analyst and enthusiast.



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