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Láolú Senbanjo is a lot of things which can be summarized in one word: authenticity.

The Nigerian visual artist, musician, singer/songwriter, and former human rights lawyer is reminding the world of Africa—speaking truth through fashion, art, and his music.

Popularly known as Laolu NYC, Láolú was born in Lagos (1982) and has been famously known for The Sacred Art of the Ori and the brain behind Beyonce’s Visual Album design, Lemonade.

Afromysterics, is the name for his unique African style, which means the mystery of African thought pattern. It fundamentally employs African themes, culture and traditions.

His magical works transcend sculptures and canvas to fabrics and lyrics. It has been produced on high fashion outfits and showcased in various events.

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, here are some of our best picks that speak truth and in volumes:

By Elijah Christopher 


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