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Lekan Omotoso and Seye Bandele are the face of Pade HCM, providing employee engagement solutions at affordable prices for SMEs in Africa through HR tech.

Having acquired years of experience—working for businesses and on government tech projects (Lekan as an engineer and Bandele as an analyst), the two tech bros saw that they could help build an HR tech that could enable HR professionals to focus on high-value tasks.

These high-value tasks may include building solid working relationship between employees which is often difficult for HRs to focus on due to other important time-consuming activities such as new employees onboarding process, replying and sending emails, as well as activities like taking files to the cabinet 🙂

Seems there’s always a lot to do for an HR to keep up with and remain component.

Spotting this, Lekan and Bandele founded Pade HCM which has grown in numbers now—team and investment, in creating HR technology which automates these tasks, helping HR professionals to focus on high-value tasks mostly.

The future looks even brighter and presents a unique opportunity for Africa to not only participate in but lead the way in the digital transformation of HR – Bandele, Pade HCM

Amazing, isn’t it?

Although, they are not the first to come up with this. They did their homework and discovered that their competitors served mostly big corporations like FMCGs and the services are relatively expensive for most SMEs.

“They were relatively expensive for SMEs, and sometimes couldn’t meet their needs,” Bandele said.

Voila! They both saw an opportunity to seize—creating HR tech for these businesses at an affordable rate with quality.

Seye Bandele and Lekan Omotoso, Pade HCM

By Elijah Christopher




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