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The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has announced that voting for
the court-sanctioned fresh presidential elections will be held today
June 23rd, hence the commission has published the Malawi Government
Gazette, the official publication of legal notices for voting

Though the commission has revealed that the country should expect a
lot of irregularities in view of the short period of time for
preparations, the citizens of the country are all set to cast their
votes, admist several legal and logistics challenges.

All reveals that the newly appointed MEC Chairperson Dr,
Chifundo Kachale, who succeeded Justice Jane Ansah stepped aside two
weeks ago after the court found the  commission incompetent. The Court
berated the electoral body, thus gazetting the polling day in
compliance with the formal communication from the Clerk of Parliament
dated June 9 2020 was carried out to inform the Commission of the
Parliamentary Resolution of the same date.

The MEC Chairperson Dr, Chifundo Kachale, stated, “The said
communication indicated that this resolution was passed on the basis
of the Supreme Court of Appeal decision of 8th May 2020 directing the
House to appoint the date for the Fresh Presidential Polls. However,
I’m very pessimistic that polling date has been arrived at with
“considerable hesitation arising from the practicalities of holding
genuine, credible elections in the view of logistical challenges that
the commission anticipates in implementing steps towards the holding
of the polls.”

Kachale, who was sworn in by Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda recently in
Blantyre, has vowed to restore public trust which the electoral body
lost during the May 2019 Tripartite Elections. He was sworn in
alongside six commissioners, namely Jean Mathanga, Linda Kunje, Arthur
Nanthuru, Steve Duwa, Anthony Mukumbwa and Olivia Liwewe.

Kachale lauded by electoral stakeholders as a man of integrity,
promised to deliver services that will earn the trust and confidence
of the country’s citizens.

Speaking further, he pointed out, “We would like to do what is good
for this nation because this process is very vital to build the
political and governance systems of this nation and we would like to
do that in a manner that the people of Malawi will respect the
outcomes. The commission is a constitutional body committed to holding
regular, credible, fair and open elections, and it is its
responsibility to ensure that the electoral process is conducted
according to the prescription of the law to ensure that every
stakeholder accepts the outcome.”

The High Court of Malawi on February 3 nullified the May 21 2019
presidential election over irregularities, especially in the results
management system and ordered a fresh election within 150 days which
expires on July 3. The Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal on May 8 upheld
the nullification.



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