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Kenyan startup, Marketforce, reportedly dowsized its workforce significantly last month. Although, comparing the rate of layoffs going on globally, African tech scene is still on the lower side.

According to the Marketforce, it was a  necessary move and a part of a reorganisation strategy in Kenya. The startup was cofounded by Tesh Mbaabu (CEO) and Mesongo Sibuti (CTO) in 2018 and the business plan was to eliminate the fragmented distribution networks and stores they had observed existed in small retail establishments.

The startup’s wings spread across five markets which includes Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.

In 2020, Marketforce launched RejaReja, an asset-light merchant super app and marketplace

Specifically looking at numbers, it was said that Marketforce let go of 54 employees which is 9% of its workforce from the following departments:

  • Field sales, 
  • Supply chain, 
  • And customer experience

According to Mbaabu, the departments have become redundant as the startup plans to drive more revenue per merchant.


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By Elijah Christopher



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