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Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic threw the world into a shock, killing a huge number of people, health practitioners hurriedly came up with measures to curtail its spread both in  Africa and the world at large. The use of Face-Masks became the order of the day as one of the preventive measures, since the disease can easily be spread through droplets of coughs and catarrh. 

Fashionistas took the advantage of this to create a fashionable way to dress up amid the pandemic. Few months into the pandemic lockdowns and partial lockdowns, Africans are crazy about matching their clothes with the Face masks they put on. Fortunately, Africans appreciates their prints hence creativity has been infused into the Face masks designs. When these new matching sets started, many brands’ first round of masks were made with upcycled deadstock fabrics from previous collections. Now, the fashion style is every where.

Speaking on virtual press conference from Geneva, WHO Emergencies Director Dr Mike Ryan warned against trying to predict when the virus would disappear. adding that even if a vaccine is found, controlling the virus will require a massive effort.” This virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities, and this virus may never go away, just as HIV has not gone away ,but we have come to terms with the virus. Similarly, there are other illnesses, such as measles, that still haven’t been eliminated despite there being vaccines for them.”

With this development, Fashionistas are ready to take the Face masks fashion into another level, and matching Face Mask sets will become a wearable trend here to stay. The truth is that we will be putting on  Face Masks for the unforeseen future, and like any other wardrobe essential, some people will gravitate toward one that’s aesthetically pleasing.



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