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Is the potential removal of the block feature on X (formerly Twitter) part of their roadmap or just an off-handed remark? It’s uncertain for now.

The owner of X responded to a post on the platform, hinting at the removal of the block feature. Elon Musk stated that “Block is going to be deleted as a ‘feature’, except for DMs,” and questioned its purpose, sparking a discussion with a Tesla fan account.

The block feature, seen as a safety measure by many, is used to prevent specific accounts from interacting with, viewing, and following someone. In contrast, 

Mute only hides posts from the muted account, without informing them of the action. The potential removal of block caused backlash from concerned users who rely on it to manage their online experience and combat spam.

Blocking has gained importance as users face increased spam and prioritize engagement control. In the past, it was even used to counter the priority of X Blue/Twitter Premium accounts in replies. Celebrities and public figures also utilize it to fend off harassment.

It remains to be seen if the block feature will actually be removed, given Musk’s past reversals like the decision to keep light mode. 

The concern over its potential absence reflects the significance of this tool in shaping users’ interactions and safety on the platform.

By Elijah Christopher 


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