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Naked Bodies At The Beach

I’ve never been at the beach

With my shirt off.

Even when the sun is busy

Perching on my back.

I’ve never joined my friends

To jump from a mountain

Into the belly of the sea.

I’ve missed so much fun

My mom says.

“Learn to love yourself,”

My mom says.

“Go have fun! Let yourself go!”

Mom screams.

But my insecurities

Knows how to grab my shirt,

When I want to blend in

At the beach like penguins.

I’ve seen naked bodies

At the beach:

Black. White. Red. And


But the color I wear

Is the color of insecurity

With stretch marks stretching

To every axis like lines

On a world map.

I pray to accept me.

Sniff freedom in the air,

As I join naked bodies at

The beach. And watch everyone

Read the lines of my story on

My naked black skin.

By Elijah Christopher

Elijah Christopher

Elijah Christopher is a journalist at A New Touch Of Africa, is also a creative writer, a poet, and an IT enthusiast. He contributed to the collaborative poem written in celebration of Edwin Morgan Centenary, the first Glasgow poet laureate and Scottish national poet from the University of Glasgow. He loves meeting people and learning about new places, cultures, events, and lifestyles.