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On TechTouch series today, we dived into the lens of Google Pixel 7 Pro and Apple iPhone 14 Pro and discovered which is smarter.

The Apple iPhone 14 series was out last month. And as usual, it’s sleek and smart with improved and seductive upgrades.

But it appears that the smartphone camera of Google Pixel 7 Pro is smarter when compared to iPhone 14 Pro despite the upgrade.

According to Dxomark report:

The Google Pixel 7 Pro has a “consistent and balanced camera experience all around and for delivering significant improvements over its predecessor, the Pixel 6 Pro, especially in terms of zoom quality, video performance, and “software tuning.”

Based on the report, when it comes to delivering natural-looking skin tones, Google Pixel 7 Pro takes the lead. It also has a superior contrast, better quality over a wider zoom range, motion-freezing ability—when taking portraits, and skiing tone.

But Apple iPhone 14 Pro wasn’t taking Ls althrough. It beats the Google Pixel 7 Pro in shooting quality video. The overall video experience puts Apple on top including Bokeh and Preview tests.

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By Elijah Christopher



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