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NFT is the three letters that jump out of the mouth of almost every young person in Africa trying to make more money than those before them. I mean our ancestors 🙂

Although some people really don’t know what NFT is all about–mostly older people who have little or no knowledge about what’s really going on in the digital world today.

Originally, NFT which stands for Non-Fungible Token was a great opportunity for artists to sell their works digitally to interested buyers across the world without the help of middle persons.

Well, it turns out everybody wanted a piece of the cake 😍 

Rather than talk and talk about NFT, how about you check out this video I just pulled out from Youtube a year ago. It’s not me but if I ever sat down wearing my favorite orange jacket it’s definitely going to be that dope and fully explained.

Sadly, while most young people want to take this path to becoming modern day billionaires on the continent, the governments are not ready for decentralization of power. Clearly, what the governments think about these amazing scary new stuff is nothing but how it might take away power from their hands and not really about the real world effect of crypto mining and NFT minting.

Wait a minute, you must have heard about Web3 right? Trust me, they’re all on the same page. Our next article on Tech Touch will focus on Web3.

See ya…it’s going to be fun.


By Elijah Christopher 



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