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Anthony Oluwabiyi, Executive Director, Theatre Centrik, said the rich cultural and historical values of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub, will be exhibited on stage play and online on December 2020 to uphold the state’s beautiful culture.

Oluwabiyi, who disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, said that the title of the play would be: “Omo Eko: Tale of Birth and Place”, which he wrote.

He said that “Omo Eko” is a detailed unique story set to exhibit the rich culture of Lagos, as one of the biggest and most accommodating state in Nigeria.

He explained that the play will bring together all parts of Lagos in its diverse cultures, tell the tale of the daily struggle of an average Lagosian, waking up at dawn to make a living.

According to him, the play is expected to feature over 100 renowned creative artistes.

”When you hear of a place that welcomes you with wide-opened arms on your arrival no matter where you are coming from, when you remember a place that is not just home but origin of giants and great minds, you remember Lagos State.

Called “Eko Ile” by the indigenous people, it is worthy to celebrate this place and its people not only with medals or petals of gold but by telling the story of its unique and colorful nature.

”Omo Eko – A tale of Birth and Place” is a story created for the stage to captivate the audience and take them on a journey of Eko “Aró dédé májàá”.



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