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Ahead of planned strike action by the Nigeria Labour Congress and other unions. The Government and the unions have agreed to meet by 7pm today to dialogue and possibly avert the workers strike planned for tomorrow.

Recall that both government representatives and the organized labour had met on Thursday over the impending workers strike to protest hike in the prices of petrol and electricity tariff, however, the meeting ended in a deadlock.

Organised labour had accused the government of insensitivity over the implementation of the deregulation policy which led to the increase of the pump price of petrol as well as the recent hike in electricity tariff.

At the last meeting, Labour insisted that the Federal Government should revert to the old prices of petrol and electricity tariff before any meaningful discussion could take place.

The government had earlier said it scheduled a meeting with labour unions on Monday but apparently moved the meeting forward to possibly resolve the issue before Monday.

 Nigerian Labour Congress had said it would proceed with the workers strike for Monday but the crucial meeting tonight will determine the next course of action.



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