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The Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Musa Shuaibu Nuhu, has disclosed that the one-week postponement of resumption of international flights earlier scheduled to commence August 29th to September 5th was over logistics reason.

Speaking at the  Presidential Task Force COVID-19 briefing on Thursday in Abuja. Nuhu revealed that airlines and airports were ready to operate, but other non-aviation logistics prompted the one-week extension.

“We have other non-aviation logistics we are still working on, mostly the COVID-19 protocol tests and online platform,” he said. “We need to get these ready.”

Nuhu described September 5 as a “sacrosanct date”, noting that “the initial announcement was anytime from the 29th.”

“In due course, we will be announcing the protocols for the resumptions and we will be giving further details,” he said. “Hopefully early next week, we will release these.”

“We need to get all these ready and in place so that we have a smooth and efficient resumption of the international flights without difficulties for passengers,” he said.

Mr Nuhu also said all a comprehensive list of countries from where passengers will not be allowed to fly into Nigeria will be released next week.



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