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With international flights resuming soon, Nigeria said her airspace will be opened only to flights from countries that extend the same gesture. Hadi Sirika, Nigerian aviation minister, declared this during the  Covid-19 task force briefing last Thursday.

The minister said  Nigeria will apply the “principle of reciprocity” when the ban on the international flight is finally lifted.  This means Nigeria will only open its air borders for the flights coming from countries that allow Nigerian flights despite the ravaging effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

 It would be recalled that the federal government announced the reopening of Nigeria’s airspace for international travel from August 29. Nigeria said it will apply the principle of reciprocity on international flights. Sirika, who was represented by the director-general of Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) Captain Musa Nuhu during the Covid-19 presidential task force, said the decision was reached in the interest of Nigerians. 

Reuters had reported that The Council of the European Union had in July opened its borders to 15 countries, excluding Nigeria, meaning Nigeria was still not a part of the countries from where visitors were allowed into Europe. On this, Sirika said countries that ban Nigeria due to the coronavirus health crisis will also receive the same treatment. “The principle of reciprocity will be applied. If you ban us from coming to your country, the same will apply the other way,” Sirika reiterated.



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