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The Founder/Senior Pastor of the Household of God Church International Ministries, Pastor Chris Okotie has declared that going to church in veiled faces or masks amounts to mocking God. Pastor Okotie who earlier accused Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, of playing a role in the spread of COVID-19,  declared this In a statement titled: ‘WHY WE CAN’T WEAR MASK IN CHURCH’.

He also urged members of the Household of God Church not to resume service this Sunday.  The flamboyant singer turn pastor of the Lagos-based church in a 28-minute voice recording sent via WhatsApp to his church members, stressed that  wearing of masks or face shield was unacceptable. 

Citing Bible references, the pastor said “for Christians to wear any type of mask or face shield to church is to reintroduce the veil which was torn the moment Jesus died on the cross.” He said with the tearing of the veil, there is no longer separation between God and His people, warning that wearing of masks would reverse the order. According to him, he didn’t initially discuss the mask in his earlier broadcast on the Covid-19 mystery because he was waiting for its full manifestation. 

Okotie said he decided to speak out now because mask is now graduating into a face shield which is a veil. “When a man is standing before God in church wearing a shield or mask, he is denying the finished work of the Cross”, he said, adding that most Christians do not understand the implications, thinking it is just a medical requirement. He added that we can’t rush to God just because we love to worship. 

“We must only follow the protocols outlined in the Bible, not any directive that violates the basic tenets of our faith,” the pastor insisted. The popular television preacher took his audience through a theological voyage, saying: “If you look at the progression of the evolution of mask, you will notice that it progressed from just being a mask covering your nose, mouth and the area to becoming a face shield which is what a veil is. 

“Why that is relevant is because the veil is found in the scripture and it represents something very profound and that is what I want to mention.

 “The veil was first introduced by Moses when he came down from the mountain and the glory of God was upon his face and then he covered his face with a veil because he did not want Israel to see that glory. 

“Later on, when the law was established, we find in the temple, two veils: One in the holy place and one in the holy of holies.

 “In the case of Moses, his face is covered with one veil and in the case of God, in the temple, it is covered by two veils. “If you were trying to approach God from the outer court, the more you go closer to Him, the darker it became because you couldn’t see His face. “The first veil made it impossible; the second veil made it absolutely impossible to see His face. 

“We find that the veil represents barrier between God and man. We are told in the scripture that when the Old Testament is read today, the veil that was on the face of Moses has moved into the heart of the Jewish person who is under the law, he can no longer understand the word of God when it is read to him because of that veil. “When Jesus went to the cross, we read it in the scripture that when the sacrifice took place, the first sign of the approval of the acceptance of that sacrifice was that the veil of the temple, that is, the second veil was split into two. “So man has access to God and God has access to man, so there is a rapprochement based on the blood of the Lord Jesus. “When man stands in the presence of Almighty God wearing a veil or what you might call a face mask or shield or evening mask, what you are saying to Him is that you are denying the efficacy of the blood sacrifice. You are denying the finished work of the cross”.



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