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Popular Nigerian music star, Rudeboy has released another single recently. It is titled “Woman.”

Tackling the subject of relationships, the singer is giving pointers on how to get a perfect marriage or relationship with the song

On “Woman,” he lectures that it is impossible to marry a perfect woman but possible to have one if one is willing to build.

He advises that people should marry for love rather than perfection on the song that is dedicated to women all over the world.

Paul Okoye, who is known by his stage name Rudeboy was born on November 18, 1981. He also performed under the name King Rudy. He used to be part of the music duo P-square which he formed with his twin brother Peter Okoye and they released their debut album, Last Nite, in 2003.

It could be recalled that P-Square split in September 2017, after Peter allegedly accused Paul and their elder brother Jude of shortchanging him. They all began their collective career in 2003. In March 2016, the duo disagreed over what Peter perceived as lopsidedness in individual input of songs, which was getting featured on their joint albums



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