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Prophet T.B. Joshua, General Overseer of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has recently released a documentary that showed Israeli authorities naming him ‘Tourism Goodwill Ambassador For Israel’, following his last year’s massive crusade in the country.

Joshua released the documentary on YouTube recently detailing the ‘persecution’ he endured during his visit to Nazareth, followed by a ‘national award’ presented to him by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, Yariv Levin.

Last year, Joshua held a two-day crusade in the hometown of Jesus Christ that attracted thousands of religious tourists from various parts of the world..

 The event, according to, held at the Amphitheatre of Mount Precipice  faced one of the fiercest attacks and criticisms against a religious programme the middle-eastern country has experienced.  

“This man is only promoting lies, and anyone who follows this liar is unjust. That is why we ban our people from attending,” a representative for the Christian Church and Pastoral Council in Nazareth exclaimed.

“This visit that is going to be held by this antichrist and wizard – we, the Islamic movement – completely reject it,” renowned Osama Haha, the head of the Islamic Movement in Nazareth stressed.

“Jesus warned us there would be false prophets coming. We do not know where this man is coming from or the purpose behind everything he does,” stated Father Seaan Bajali, a Roman Orthodox Priest.

 According to, despite the  rancour surrounding the event, it was held successfully with Joshua preaching a message on love and ministering “healing and deliverance in Jesus’ name” to the large crowds that gathered.

However, reports, interviews with local figures after the event revealed a markedly different impression, with residents celebrating the economic and social impact of Joshua’s visit to the region and calling for him to return for future events.

“This is the first time in 2,000 years we have heard the name of Jesus proclaimed publicly in Nazareth,” stated a tearful Nazarene Christian.

The event, which was broadcast on local television throughout Israel and featured in The New York Times and Reuters, subsequently attracted the attention of Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, which gave an award to the Nigerian cleric and made him a ‘Tourism Ambassador’.

“TB Joshua, on the occasion of your visit to Israel, I am honoured to recognise you as a true friend of Israel. Thank you for your support and solidarity, which are deeply appreciated. It is my pleasure to name you as a ‘Tourism Goodwill Ambassador For Israel’,” wrote Minister Levin.

Joshua is the first ‘Evangelical Pastor’ to have held a public event in Nazareth; the only other religious figure to have had such an event was Pope Benedict XVI in 2009.



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