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Popular Nigerian dancer, Kaffy Shafau-Ameh celebrated her 40th birthday with- stunning photos of herself and her family. 
She shared these lovely pictures on her Instagram page as a way of marking this year’s birthday. 
She tagged the photos “40:20 NEW CHAPTER… Rise of the Phoenix” 

Kaffy Shafau-Ameh  came into limelight in 2006 when she broke the Guinness World Record for “Longest Dance Party” at the Nokia Silverbird Danceathon where she and her group danced for 55 hours 40 minutes.
The renowned dancer has carved a niche for herself in the dance world with her unique dance steps and the establishment of a dance school. 
In 2017, she created ‘The Dance Workshop’, a dance convention aimed at training professional dancers as well as promoting cultural exchange within the Nigerian dance industry. She is married to Joseph Ameh and they have two lovely kids together.



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