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Obi Charles Nnanna, the founder of Nigeria-based plastic waste recycling company—Kaltani, is one of those entrepreneurs in Africa that greatly cares about the environment and the health of people surrounded by waste.

It is not a day job. For him, it’s a lifetime job; and of course there’s cash in trash worth millions that so many people just walk pass. Charles is one the African heroes taking advantage of the opportunities in the plastic waste recycling industry in a positive way.

The company recently announced $4 million of seed funding while also partnering with companies like Oceancycle, Seplat, Southpole, and Nigeria Climate Innovation among others.

The end-to-end plastic recycling company collects and processes waste plastics, and resells the recycled materials for use.

We most times don’t really care about where plastics end up. Although we may agree that people don’t care enough to dispose waste properly due to the lack of adequate numbers of recycling plants compared to the franchised companies shipping consumables. So, it became a habit to litter the environment and care less about the negative effects. Like how they stuck the drainage system creating a breeding environment for mosquitoes and increase malaria and its death rate.

The Numbers Paint The Big Picture Telling The Pollution Story

In Nigeria alone, about 32,000,000 tonnes of waste is generated yearly—making the West African country the 7th largest plastic waste polluter in the world, with less than 30% of waste being recycled.

Not cool 😔

Our challenges I would say is infrastructure, the road network to our factory is really not the greatest and as an entrepreneur, we have to find ways to find solutions to mitigate those challenges, but we have been growing. At Kaltani, we do not look at challenges, but solutions and how we solve problems. Our goal is simple, to reduce plastic waste, reduce unemployment. If the problem is significant, the solution must be aggressive, robust and scalable. Obi Charles Nnanna

Kaltani therefore helps in processing PET, PE and PP plastic waste into hot washed flakes and pellets for reuse in manufacturing industries to lessen dependency on virgin materials. As well as reducing carbon emissions.



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By Elijah Christopher



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