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Odey Linus is an apprentice in a male beauty salon where he is honing his skills in cutting men’s hair in a small community.

Odey Linus is studying Public Administration in the university but his biggest passion lies with the dogs. He keeps a dog as a pet and intends to own a large animal farm where he rears nothing but dogs.

Interview with Odey Linus:

How long have you been keeping dreadlocks?

I’ve been keeping dreadlocks since 2018 after I got admitted into the university in 2017. Though I’ve cut my hair now for like four times before now.

How do people see you in the community with a hairstyle Nigerian parents majorly frown upon?

Actually, my friends like my hairstyle. My style is unique. The way I keep my hair is quite different from the regular dread around here. I’ve a similar style with Reekado Banks (the Nigerian singer). I liked how his hairstyle was. Judging from our resemblance, I decided to keep my dreadlocks like his knowing I’ll also look good. When I carry dread, it makes me look mature. On low haircut, I usually look very young.

However, some members do complain about my hairstyle because my mom is an active prayer-woman in church. But my mom does like my hairstyle. She only tells me to reduce it once in a while to avoid the talks and that’s the only reason I level down the hair. I’m currently in my final year at school studying Public Administration.

How do you think you’d be welcome in the corporate world in the Nigerian setting when you apply for a job?

They say education is the key but it seems after school they kinda change the lock. For me, if I apply for a job and I don’t get it, fine. Alternatively, I’ll learn a trade. Carrying dreadlocks or not, doesn’t change anything. Whoever is good, is good; and whoever is bad, is bad.

Sometimes, you don’t judge a book by its cover. In countries abroad, even priests keep dreadlocks, and God never judged them. The hair clipper was invented so if you choose to cut your hair, you go for it. Carrying a low hair or a skin cut may make you look decent, but it still doesn’t mean you’re a decent person.

Regardless, I believe in God. I’m currently learning how to cut men’s hair to equip myself with a new skill. I prefer to work in a place where I’ll be accepted and not harassed for no genuine reason. I can’t displease myself to please them. Life isn’t always like that.

I couldn’t hold the clipper properly when I started but now I can. It’s been a bit difficult learning. I’ve been working here for about 3 months now.

What do you really love doing?

I love animals! I like dogs!

I’ll love to own a dog farm. I’ve a pretty dog at home. I know how to train dogs and what to give them to eat, to grow healthy. When they are ill, I know how to treat them including the medicine required. I’ll love to own a really big dog farm where people would come to buy them.

Some dogs take in and carry the pregnancy for 60 days then they give birth. And in the space of a month, the poppies are good to go. You can put them on sale. A German Shepherd puppy is about N70,000.00 or a bit less (N50,000.00). They’re different breeds. You can earn the money you need in taking care of them for a year in just a month when you make sales. Though it depends.

When a dog reaches a year, you can crossbreed, and in two months it takes in and the circle goes on (Linus smiles). You sometimes get six to thirteen puppies depending on the breed. There’s always profit after buying the foods they need and saving some for unforeseen circumstances.

When did you fall in love with dogs lol?

Back at home, when I was little in the village, there was a nurse in my village who owned a dog. His son, a priest from abroad, returned home with a puppy. The puppy looked different from all the dogs in the village. I liked the dog, and visited the nurse everyday to play. I studied how he behaved.

When the puppy grew, he only played during the day,  but at night he loses his cool letting you know it’s the wee hours of the night.

I saw all those things. Sometimes, they behave like us. When they notice they’ve wronged you their countenance changes. Sometimes, they cry wanting you to let go. That was how I fell in love with dogs. I like them. I like dogs a lot.

Odey Linus bears a striking resemblance to Reekado Banks

Thank you very much for talking to us, Mr. Odey Linus 🙂

By Elijah Christopher

Elijah Christopher

Elijah Christopher is a journalist at A New Touch Of Africa, is also a creative writer, a poet, and an IT enthusiast. He contributed to the collaborative poem written in celebration of Edwin Morgan Centenary, the first Glasgow poet laureate and Scottish national poet from the University of Glasgow. He loves meeting people and learning about new places, cultures, events, and lifestyles.