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On today’s edition on Africans Masterminding Africa is Oluwasoga Oni—one of cofounders of MDaaS Global which started with the importation of refurbished medical diagnostic equipment in Nigeria.

Oluwasoga didn’t just wake up one day to co-start such a venture. Growing up in Ondo in the southwest region of the country, young Oluwasoga saw his father, a medical doctor, struggled to find the right equipment to run the requisite tests to help treat patients in the community.

At first, the healthcare didn’t resemble what the young man would be interested in. He eventually moved to the United States to earn a living working as Software Engineer. With good amount in his pocket, Oluwasoga decided to further his education at MIT. 

The Software Engineer remain on the path of writing codes until his interest got shifted when his MIT Development Ventures lecturer told students to come with a business plan that could touch the lives of many people—billions actually. And that was when his mind traveled back home having seen his father struggled with finding the right medical equipment for carrying out test, he thought of creating a healthcare business that could impact lives.

If we scale and we achieve volumes, we have shown we can provide affordable healthcare solutions and overcome these challenges. We aim to aggregate demand in a way no one else can to ensure business success—Oluwasoga Oni

It started first in 2016—a year after quitting Software Engineering, as BeaconHealth Diagnostics. Today, MDaaS—medical diagnostics as a service, cofounded by Oluwasoga Oni, Genevieve Barnar—now Oluwasoga’s wife, Joe McCord, and Opeyemi Ologun; has over 150 employees as it gradually expands into smaller cities in the country providing hospitals its services from various stand-alone diagnostic centers.

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By Elijah Christopher


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