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A uniform position was on finishing the season in a 40-day window was one of the scenarios discussed at a Premier League meeting on Friday.

Top-flight clubs remain committed to playing all 92 remaining fixtures this season but did not discuss a deadline by which action must resume.

Clubs were expected to debate a 30 June deadline to end the season but instead discussed “possible scheduling models”.

The Premier League said it “remains our objective” to complete matches but currently “all dates are tentative”.

The league has been suspended since 13 March because of coronavirus.

It is understood some clubs expected to discuss the proposed 30 June deadline at Friday’s meeting but it was decided this was not the right time to do so.

In a statement, the Premier League said “in common with other businesses and industries” clubs were “working through complex planning scenarios”.

“Today’s shareholders’ meeting provided an opportunity to discuss possible scheduling models,” it added.

“It remains our objective to complete the 2019-20 season but at this stage all dates are tentative while the impact of Covid-19 develops.”

Sixteen of the 20 Premier League teams have nine games to play, with four having 10 left.

Earlier this month the Premier League said play will only resume when “it is safe and appropriate to do so”. The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the UK has since risen to more than 12,000.

On Thursday, the government issued a further three-week lockdown to ensure social distancing and manage the spread of the virus.

BBC sports editor Dan Roan has learned Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden spoke to Premier League bosses this week and signaled the government was content for them to start contingency planning.

But nothing will be taken forward without the green light from the government, in accordance with medical advice.

In a section on player welfare at the meeting, it was decided tests for coronavirus would have to be widely available to the public before the widespread testing of players.

When and how football resumes have been widely debated across the sport as clubs face up to financial difficulties and the logistical issues caused by a late finish to the season.

The 30 June date is also an issue for clubs around agreed changes in kit manufacturers. Liverpool are due to change shirt manufacturers from New Balance to Nike, while Watford and Newcastle are also set to use new suppliers.



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