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President George Weah has applauded the victory of Samantha Diaz, aka ‘Just Sam’, in the just-ended American season 18 finale.’Just Sam’ grandmother hails from Liberia.

The President said her exploits on the world stage, coming after she lived a life of poverty on U.S. streets, demonstrates that “with hard work and dedication, we can achieve any dreams we set out for ourselves”. The grandmother of the newly crown American Idol, with whom she lived from a very young age, has constantly touted the star’s Liberian lineage.

President Weah, who’s an ardent music lover and supporter of local artists, observed that Liberians and their offsprings who are engaged in different spheres of work are endowed with varying talents that should be celebrated, regardless of which part of the world they find themselves.

He said geographic or political boundaries should not prevent a person with Liberian blood and heritage from having some of the same rights and privileges of their compatriots on the homeland.

The President added that “Just Sam” has not only made the country proud, but that “this presents another opportunity when we should unite in our love and admiration for one of our heroines; because no matter which nationality she bears, she remains Liberian in our hearts”.



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