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Google Black Founders Fund recently invested in Nigeria’s e-commerce based startup, Qshop, for businesses to create e-commerce website in a twinkle of an eye to meet the needs of their customers shopping online.

The startup focuses on the African market designed to suit the unique e-commerce needs of business owners on the continent. The startup currently has business owners from Ghana on the platform with high hopes to expand big.

In a conversation with How We Made It In Africa, Tarebi Alebiosu—founder of QShop, shared more about the e-commerce trends in Nigeria:

Tarebi’s Journey On Working With Yoke Solutions 

 “I was the managing director for a successful software development company, Yoke Solutions, and was in the process of looking for funders for an events tech company we had started a few years prior, called However, when the pandemic hit, it was clear the uncertainty around events and what faced us in the future would halt those plans.”

On Over 80 Businesses Sign Ups On QShop

“The overwhelming feedback we received was that the available options were expensive and complex. At the end of June 2020, we started working on our minimum viable product and by end of August, we released it to the market,” she says. Within the first month, 87 businesses had signed up.

Creating More Value For Customers 

“Some companies were paying and would not make any sales. That’s when we realised we needed a free tier offering as well.”

We make money only if our clients are selling – Tarebi Alebiosu

Pricing Model In Naira Rather Than Dollars

“We are significantly cheaper than other options. Secondly – and quite significantly in our current economic situation – our paid model is priced in naira, not dollars. Right now, nobody wants to incur costs linked to the dollar as our currency is experiencing serious devaluation.”

Capitalizing On Smartphone Usage

“Many local businesses use mobile phones, so the service had to be mobile-driven.”

Understanding The Nigerian Market

“We also knew Nigerians would prefer WhatsApp communication rather than email and building this from the get-go meant we could provide this flexibility.”

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By Elijah Christopher 


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