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The lower chambers of Nigeria’s highest law making body, The  House of Representatives has effectively assured rapists in Nigeria that they will keep their balls as they rejected castration as punishment for people convicted of rape. 

The will definitely disappoint many Nigerians who want castration as an additional punishment for rape.

Hon James Faleke made the suggestion during a debate on the motion of increased se.xual violence against women particularly the rape and murder of two girls in Oyo and Edo states recently.However, the lawmakers identified “weak institutions, poor enforcement, poverty and unacceptable social practices” as part of the reasons for sexual violence against women, rejected Faleke’s suggestion when Speaker of the house, Femi Gbajabiamila subjected it to a voice vote.

The chambers exploded with laughter when  Speaker Gbajabiamila  asked what should happen to an older female who ra.pes a younger male.

 Getting serious, house members took turns to condemned the increasing cases of rape in the country which they described a very terrible form of violence against women that should never be tolerated.

Although the lawmakers voted against castration of rapists as an amendment to the motion, they agreed to put in place rigid penalties against persons found guilty of rape.

They also  want governments at all levels to create diverse campaign against rape and other forms of sexual violence against women.



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