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Sinergi Burkina is an investment firm in Burkina Faso with a laser focus taking startups and Small Medium Enterprises to the next level in Sub-Saharan Africa region.

The investment firm was created in 2014 with the uniting force of private actors and a group of entrepreneurs. One of the private actors include Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P).

In 2020, Sinergi Burkina financed 5 new companies in Burkina Faso. In collaboration with USAID and EU, several companies have been funded to boost the economy. Some of the companies that has been greatly supported by Sinergi Burkina include MAÏA—a social company developing ointments to protect African populations from malaria; Bioprotect—a production unit specialising in the production and marketing of organic inputs; Prince Dessuti International—a company in the textile and clothing craft sector; Monsalon—a carpentry and interior decoration house; and Afrik Bovia—a cattle farm specialising in the production of cow’s milk, among others.

Drawing from Sinergi Burkina’s Managing Director, Job Zongo, previous interview with How We Made It In Africa, there’s the possibility of investors in Burkina Faso getting 8x returns in the agribusiness sector.

That’s huge. Great time for local and  foreign investors to dive in 🙂


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By Elijah Christopher



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