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A snake tamer died last Sunday, in the Angolan municipality of Andulo, province of Bié, after being bitten by a snake, during a show promoted by him.

The fact was advanced today, Monday, to Angop, by the doctor Carlos Vicente having mentioned that the 36-year old victim was still taken to the Municipal Hospital of Andulo to be assisted, but ended up dying in the middle of the journey.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred when the snake tamer, also known as “King of the Mountains”, presented tricks in a show with a poisonous snake called “eulu-linene”, which stung the victim in one of the arms.

They said that, after the bite, the “King of the Mountains” refused any medical assistance and continued with the show, held in the Chivili neighbourhood, on the outskirts of the city of Andulo.

The source stated that, hours after the bite, the arm of the “King of the Mountains” ignited and he asked for help. He was speedily transported to a hospital in the region, but it was too late to be saved, “he died before reaching the hospital”.

Eyewitnesses reveal that the snake is known as “eulu-linene” belongs to a highly poisonous species, its bites are deadly if the victim does not receive medical attention urgently.



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