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The Nigerian Union in South Africa, NUSA, has reported that 11 Nigerians have so far died of the coronavirus disease in that country.

The President of the union, Mr Adetola Olubajo, in a statement on Wednesday, said that the deaths recorded from the virus were majorly from Gauteng Province.

“At least eleven Nigerians have died from the virus in Gauteng Province alone.

“Many people believe that the pandemic is political and fake and that they are just seeing figures.

“Also, we have seen quite a number of our people that have died from the disease in South Africa.

“Another challenge we have is stigmatisation and refusal of infected people to disclose their status.

“However, we have provided a channel through which the identities of infected people will be protected and we give them all the support that’s needed,” he said.

Olubajo , according to reports from further stated that the Union was working with a team of Nigerian and South African health professionals in the frontline of various hospitals to assist Nigerians with information.

“We have also created a channel to reach out to many Nigerians in South Africa with information with the assistance of our health professionals”.



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