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A consolidated industry campaign titled ‘It’s Time To Go BIG Again’ has been launched in preparation for the reopening of South African cinemas scheduled for Friday, 28 August after five months of lockdown. 
The campaign’s central point of engagement is online via the microsite and promoted with the #GoBIGagain hashtag – containing detailed information on all cinemas’ health and safety protocols, local and international industry news, direct links to the various cinema groups in Southern Africa and more information on the movies heralding the return of the Big Screen Experience to cinemas. It’s primarily about re-launching the unique appeal of cinemas, to again screen movies with larger-than-life quality in a way that movies were meant to be seen and experienced. 
“We are very excited to roll out our ‘Go BIG Again’ campaign, which is the culmination of a coordinated industry effort to establish a responsible reopening strategy for the full spectrum of the local cinema business. All of South Africa’s cinema exhibitors, film distributors and international studio representatives, along with other industry stakeholders, joined hands and have been collaborating for the past few months to effectively map out the reopening of the industry on non-competitive terms.
“We are also very grateful for the overwhelming support from our partners in the media and entertainment community, who have demonstrated keen interest over the past few months and teamed up with us to launch this campaign nationwide. It’s time to go BIG again!” say the members of the South African cinema industry committee.



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